How to Create Wikipedia Page Easily Step by Step

How to Create Wikipedia Page Easily Step by Step

I was happy and upset when I first received the order to create a Wikipedia page on Fiver. Because it was very difficult for me. I received an order to create a website but the client also decided to create a Wikipedia page. This was nothing short of a challenge for me. To me, creating a Wikipedia page is like getting a young child to pass a college exam. When you don’t know how to do something, it’s very difficult.

Why Wikipedia important our website or business

My client’s website was about fashion. He was a very intelligent man. They knew how a single Wikipedia page would generate traffic to his site. He was well aware of its importance. He knew he could be very popular because of the Wikipedia page. Creating a Wikipedia page can attract a lot of people, especially those who are already part of Wikipedia. Do a Google search and you will always find Wikipedia at number one. If your business, blog, or any of invention? And if you connect to Wikipedia, it is likely to catch the eye of many people. If you have not created a Wikipedia page for any of your brands, it is not necessary that people do not recognize your brand.


Creating a Wikipedia page is a way to give your business a different look. Your business is unique from other businesses. You must have searched for your brand on Google. This could be your product, your brand name, or your company’s address. You will be happy when your brand appears in the results displayed on Google. It is also possible that your customers will start trusting your brand more. The main purpose of creating a Wikipedia page is to give your business identity. The rest of it is also used for advertising. That is a separate discussion.



Research your brand first. Before creating any content on Wikipedia, learn about the Wikipedia community and how it works. And make sure that the page of your desired brand on Wikipedia does not exist from Haply.

First, open then on the top right of the page you will open your account by clicking Create Account. You must be a registered user to create a Wikipedia page. Create an account is straight forward. I suggest you use your real name and email address.

It starts with making small edits to existing pages to test its capabilities before attempting to create new content. I started with pages I was already unfamiliar with. I updated her by adding some biographical information on the internet and added a link back to her fan club website.

Make a Profile

With a few changes, I’m more familiar with the site’s content management system. Create your own Wikipedia user profile. Once you’ve created your account, any changes you make to Wikipedia are listed on your user page, accessible to everyone. Anyone can access them. Anyone who is a Wikipedia editor or another user. With a lot of editing and activity under your belt, you can become a “self-certified user.” This allows you to perform certain tasks, such as uploading images and moving pages to a public location.

Once you’ve found your way around Wikipedia, start gathering resources for the page or article you want to create. Once you have created your page.

Sources are very important in Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia (there is no other marketing channel to promote your product), and this means that everything on your page needs to be verified. I can’t put so much pressure on him.

Even if you are a notable inventor or celebrity who has traveled across the Atlantic, you can’t just sit back and write a Wikipedia page based on your experience. But to support third party information support you must support third party sources such as printed material (books and magazines) and online content such as websites, articles or videos.

Attention to the Content

Your content should be realistic and unbiased. When creating my client’s fashion page, I had to include information about competitors and their fashion brand, as well as links to their sites. The facts should be straight forward. So, that you are not accused of any misrepresentation.

Consider including pictures. You can only use images that you have. I learned this with difficulty – when I had a delay in uploading their copyrighted images and launching my client’s page.

 After all these steps, you are ready to start writing and posting your Wikipedia content. As my client was from Fiver, I had previously written all the details of my client in Microsoft Word, cut and pasted it into the Wikipedia interface. You can add your page to the sandbox, where you can format it, or you can add it to your MyTalk page, which I did. I chose my talk page because this content is regularly cleaned from the sandbox. Keeping it in your conversation ensures that it will not be deleted.

It took some time to format the page using “wiki code”. It’s a painful process even if you’re a fan of HTML, who I am, make sure to make time for it, or have someone hire you for it. You can learn more about wiki code by reading the help pages of Wikipedia.

Take a full Review

Send the page for review. Once your page is complete and error-free, you must submit it to Wikipedia for review. This process may take a few days or a few weeks or more to respond.

After waiting about 15 days for a response. I noticed that the other pages I submitted were approved, or deleted. Eventually, I realized I was fine and moved on.

However, it is still ongoing. Later, I noticed that an editor changed the page title and made another edit. Now I monitor this page and update it as needed (for example, my client recently added a Introducing a new type of product related to the new fashion that confirmed the Wikipedia page update). Also, you need to update the Wikipedia page on a daily basis.

After going through this process, I now love Wikipedia very much. Which was not before this experience. Before that I used to get bored.

What has been your experience with Wikipedia? Have you created pages or articles for any of your clients? or you also used the wiki editor? Have you ever had trouble correcting incorrect information posted by others? We look forward to hearing from you

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